GetinBusiness! Prelaunch

Whether you are in business now, or looking to launch your first startup, you are going to need what I’m building.

Is your intellectual property protected?  Imagine having the most amazing idea and later learn that you could have patented it!

Have you secured your brand?

Do you have a trademark that is clear, or will you get a cease and desist letter the month after you launch?

Is your corporation the right kind of entity for your needs?

My Startup Kit will give you videos, booklets and screencaptures that will guide you through all of these things and more.

You could spend $5,000 on attorneys and consultants for what you’ll bet in the Startup Kit.  More important that saving $5,000, I’ll actually help you become conversant in legal and business matters.  That’s worth thousands more.  And, I’ll include a packet of legal forms that will help you with things you want to do yourself!

Once you have my Startup Kit, you’ll have a chance to get in on my incubator.  Imagine having a LIVE weekly team conference call with me, and with other professional guests that answer your questions.  More than the advice, imagine the other entrepreneurs you’ll meet when you join my network.  We have not set a price, but I guarantee that it will be cheaper than paying for my time at $400 per hour.

GetinBusiness! is built for entrepreneurs at all levels.  I’ve built this product to give you the same information people pay me for every day.

Diminish your legal risks!

Increase your intellectual property protection!

I want to help you avoid debilitating lawsuits or cease and desist letters.  And, I want to help you bolster your most valuable assets, your intellectual property assets.

What will be covered?

Incorporation or LLC?

-The theory as well as practical guidance on choosing and setting up your entity.


-Learn what you need to know to avoid getting sued, and practical guidance on protecting your mark, including how to register your own.


-Let me help you understand copyright law.  You probably don’t even own the copyright to your website or your software.  I’ll help you figure it out.


-Is your idea patentable?  I’ll help you become conversant in patents, and save thousands in legal fees on searches or even filing your own provisional patent.

Trade Secrets

-Can you get sued for hiring someone with trade secrets from a former employer?  Yes.  Lets figure out how to protect your trade secrets, and how to ensure you don’t violate someone else’s without realizing it.

Are you ready to learn?  I’ve got videos on that are a mere introduction compared to what I offer here.

What about your terms and conditions on your website?  Do you realize that you must have a privacy policy under most state laws?  I not only will help you with this, but I have a WordPress widget you’ll get with the Startup Kit that lets you customize terms and privacy policy.

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